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The study and knowledge of consumption rules and the spirit that inspired it, will enable operators to comply with the minimum rights that protect consumers.

The consumption legislation covers all consumer information and adevertising practices in order to motivate the act of consumption.

At the time of the consumption act is legislated as regards contracting and financing of the product or service.

After the consumption act the guarantee right, the complaint and the compensation for damage is also regulated.

The enforcement by the administration of these three periods is provided in the rules of market discipline. The procedure for settling disputes, has a special interest, trough the arbitration of consumer.

IeConsumo offers to the companies training staff from the sales, law, marketing, customer service departments and training that legislation. 


  • Advice and training:
    • Security market.
    • Consumption legislation.
    • Labeling.
    • Guarantee Act.
    • Complaint procedures.
  • Conferences.

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