ie Consumo. Instituto de Estudios del Consumo

IeConsumo. Un equipo de profesionales ieConsumo. Observatorio del Consumo

  • We are a company that helps our clients - companies, institutions and associations, providing day to day overview, contributing ideas and developing projects related to emerging issues and future challenges in the area of consumption from the following perspectives:

    • Products securities
    • Relationship with consumers
    • Marketing: labeling and consumer information (advertising)
    • Relationship with government

  • We place importance on providing a consumption global value to the society: security, freedom, respect, trust, satisfaction, welfare, tranquility, etc.
  • In order to achieved it we will by product safety (including labeling as advertising) as well as procurement of services (to prevent unfair terms), and many other aspects.

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Observatorio del Consumo ieConsumo. por un Consumo Responsable.