ie Consumo. Instituto de Estudios del Consumo

IeConsumo. Un equipo de profesionales European Master in consumer affairs (EMCA).


A key to the companies professionalization in relationships with consumers following the consumption policies set by the European Union is the International Master of consumption.

The General Department of Health and Consumer Affairs (DG SANCO) has funded a million Euros to the first eidtion of the Master in consummer affairs that we presented to them.


Academic director: Josep Tous i Andreu.


Cordinated by Barcelona University – IL3 (ES)
Consortium partners: University of Bologna (IT), Université de Montpellier (FR), Brunel University (UK), West University of Timisoara (RO).

  • Duration: 2 academic semesters + 1 semester of practical.
  • Interesting European coverage, together with a strong Mediterranean compared with other two consortia approved. The partners selected are recognized universities at European levels in their  specific fields.
  • Language: First half will be taught in the language of the country, all the second semester will be in english. Internship will be in the lenguage of the country in which the practice be carried out.
  • It is designed a master oriented to direct application in companies, governments or organizations. It is clearly “job orientation”.
  • The master covers the following areas: economics, marketing, law and psychology.
  • Each university will have 20 scholarships to attend the second semester at another university of the consortium (partners).


The new category of professional who intend to train with the Master is: a professional, about the director general, will help you find the balacen between the pressures of marketing departments (with their campaigns and slogans), the sales (sales practices), the legal ( not to be deeply studied the regulation of consumption), the departments of new-products or purchasing-import (with the acquisition of new products), the quality and customer service.

Be a professional who can asses all the practices of these departments, speak the same “language” and be able to create and organize a customer sevice deparment, always seeking the benefit of the company, consumers and society.
Consumption as an element of business competitiveness, as a caring and orderly growth of the market, and harmonizing relations of business with citizens is a subject which is becoming more entrenched in the European Union that we are building.

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