ie Consumo. Instituto de Estudios del Consumo

IeConsumo. Un equipo de profesionales Working Areas

Business Associations and Civil Groups

  • Support for Market Structure and manager under the influence of consumer policy.
  • Design of the road map for the elimination of unfair competition in the market.
  • Security products:
    • Red Rapex.
    • Crisis management.
    • Active work for the security of products.
  • Lobby mechanisms
  • General and sectorial training workshops on the regulation and consumer policy application:
    • Required information to consumers.
    • Mandatory requirements in putting the on the market.
    • Guarantees required.
  • Sectoral research.
  • Relations with the State Administration / Autonomous / Local.
  • Relationship with society.

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Business services

  • Diagnosis of all areas of the business in relation to consumer and your clients. (Review advertising, contracts, guarantees, data protection,etc...) Product safety:
  • Product safety:
    • Red Rapex.
    • Crisis management.
    • Active work for the security of products.
  • Customer service:
    • Training.
    • Complaints management.
    • Costumer information.
    • Guarantees regulation.
  • Marketing department:
    • Labeling research and analysis.
    • Consumer analysis.
    • Mechanisms for dialogue with the consumer.

Public Administrations

  • Preparation of sectoral maps.
    • Description
    • Players differentiation
    • Action of the administration.
    • Proposals for improving
  • Sectoral analysis of the market
    • Enforcement of product safety
    • Study of development of new markets.
    • Study and analysis of poor industry practices.
  • Relations with several sectors: collaboration mechanisms
    • Porposoals for improving both policy and no-legislation in order to improve the care sector.
    • Proposals to increase the comitment and involvement of businesses, associations, professionals and administrators to improve the current situation
  • Sectoral strategic projects
    • Study, design, consultancy and implementation strategies have to work where the administration and the economic actors (firms and / or business associations).

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